Most frequent asked questions and answers
  1. Place 4 AA batteries in the Grillerette or connect with a powerbank.
  2. Start the fan by turning the knob.
  3. Place the gel container and put in 20ml of lighting gel or a solid starter. WARNING, Don’t put any gel or starter into the pipe.
  4. Place the charcoal container.
  5. Put about 150gr of charcoal (2-4cm) in the charcoal container.
  6. Place the greace collector and add water.
  7. Place the grill plate.
  8. You are ready to grill after the grill plate heats up. (The Grill plate can smoke a bit during the first use. After it stoped it is ready to use).

It isn’t hard to clean the Grillerette. Allow the Grillerette to cool down completely before cleaning. 

The grill plate and inner bowl are dishwashable safe or can be cleaned with standard washing liquid. Wash the grill plate preferably bij hand. Wipe the interior and exterior of lower body with a soft fabric. 

The duo grill plate has more mass than the standard grill plate. This is convenient for a thick piece of meat. This piece of meat will be really cold and  cool off the standard grill plate. While the cast aluminum plate stays hot and will grill your meat immediately.

Next to this function you can turn the grill plate and it will appear to be a baking tray. You can prepare your breakfast with eggs or bake pancakes.

This grill plate is sold together with the lift rack.

For a big piece of meat, for example a chicken. When you would grill this meat directly on the grill plate, the crust would burn and the inside would be raw. If you put the rack in between the meat and the grill, the meat will be lifted. And your meat won’t burn while it cooks slowly.

The lift rack is sold together with the extension ring.

The extension ring can be used to create space in the barbecue. So for example, you can grill a chicken. Without the ring, a chicken won’t fit underneath the lid.

Yes, you can, if you have the right accessories. 

Lid and wiregrid
When you have the lid and wiregrid. You can grill indirect by putting the lid on the Grillerette and placing the meat on the wiregrid.

Lid, wiregrid, extension ring and lift rack
When you have these accessories you can grill indirect by placing the lift rack on your grill plate. It doesn’t matter which grill plate you’ll use. You can place your meat on the lift rack and close the Grillerette with the lid. Or you can place the extension ring in between the Grillerette and the lid, it depend how big your meat is.
You also can place the wiregrid above your meat, to bake bread or potatoes.

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