The lid - wiregrid

The lid and wiregrid are sold as a set.

The Lid

The lid is very useful when you want to grill indirect. Indirect grilling is a barbecue cooking technique in which the food is placed above the heat source instead of directly on the flame.
Indirect grilling is designed to cook larger or tougher meat, like ribs or a chicken that would burn if cooked on a direct flame. This method of cooking generates a more moderate temperature.

When you would like to grill larger meat, you can use the extension ring to create more space between the grill and the lid. This way a chicken would fit underneath for example.

We have an extra feature for our lid. You can also buy the lid with a termometer!

The wiregrid

The wiregrid has multiple functions. You can use it to grill Indirect. The wiregrid can also be used to create a storey in the barbecue, together with the lid and the extension ring.

Learn how you can easily use the lid and wiregrid

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